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Brickwork Repair Sydney

Do you need to treat rising damp issues on your property? Combined Building has been specialising in repairing brickwork projects around Sydney for approximately 27 years now. If you have an older style home, you might be prone to rising damp problems due to the brickwork becoming damaged over time. Rising damp in internal walls is often a result of repeated movement of water coming up through the brickwork, causing a range of damage to the structure of your property. If not treated immediately, it could cost you more $$$ in the long term.


Our preferred method is chemical silicone injection, which involves drilling a series of 10mm holes along the bottom brick course of a wall. The wall is then injected at around 100-150psi (your car tires run around 35psi) with liquid silicone until the brick is saturated. We then move onto the next brick until the entire brick course has been silicone injected. Once this is complete, all salt and damp affected render is replaced with salt retarded render, mixed at a specific ratio to prevent any remaining salts in the wall from leeching through. 

QUALITY  Brick Wall Repairs

With over 2800 projects and counting to our name, we have implemented various building products and systems that have proven to permanently fix your building problem. Our professional team of tradesmen have worked on small isolated cases of rising damp in Paddington, heritage projects at The Rocks all the way through to major water ingress issues for strata companies in multi story blocks.


At Combined Damp & Remedial Building, we strive to provide the most effective, economic and permanent solution for all your brickwork repairs. We can assist with rising; lateral and penetrating damp concerns quickly and efficiently.  You can rely on Combined Building to fix your problem and not just provide another patch up answer. We understand your property is one of your biggest assets and investments and we treat it accordingly.


We are the leading brick repair specialists in Sydney, with a wealth of experience fixing rising damp issues.


Call Combined Building on 0403-210-429 for a quote and the best course of action to treat your property.